Add "Cost to produce current stock - Not including lost volume" to the Products API

We’re working on integrating Breww with Power BI, one of the main tracking requirements for us is GP% on individual SKUs. Beer duty is available via the API however the cost to produce any given sku [Cost to produce current stock - Not including lost volume] - is not.

Is it possible to make this available?


Thanks for this suggestion, Steven.

I’ve some great news to share… This wasn’t too hard to add, and I can see how important this would be for your reporting, so we have been able to add this for you already :tada:

It’s the cost_to_produce_current_stock field on the products endpoint. It will only be filled for some types of products and only if they are in stock (as it’s for the “current stock”), but we hope this is helpful :smile:

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@steven-smith-hay just to let you know that we’ve had to make a tweak to this field. It will no longer show in the products endpoint by default, but you can opt-in to have this field included by passing a GET param of include_fields with the value cost_to_produce_current_stock.

There’s an update in the documentation to explain conditionally included fields.

Apologies that you’ll need to make a small tweak to keep access to this field. I hope this doesn’t cause you any problems.