Add BrewwQL filter field for 'Site'

Please could ‘Site’ be added as a BrewwQL filter.

We have 3 sites and it would be great to be able to filter customers/sales by ‘Site’ as each site services a different set of customers. I know we could filter by ‘city’ but two of our sites are in London so there would be some overlap.

If this is something that can’t be implemented anytime soon, please let me know, as I could use Tags as a workaround, but if I can avoid creating tags for each site and having to go through all our customers applying each tag, that would be very helpful.


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Thanks for the suggestion, James, and welcome to the Breww Community.

Orders/invoices should be filterable by “fulfillment site” already (although this might not be possible in some places). Can you let me know which reports/lists you’re viewing where you can’t filter by site so we can look into this for you? Cheers

Hi Luke, thanks for the response.

Brilliant, I can see that in the sales page now. I was trying to apply it in the customers list and it’s not possible to use that filter there. However that was because we were not live last week and that was the only list that contained data, not somewhere I regularly need to filter. Now we are live and theres sales in the sales list, I’ve been using the BrewwQL search in there and it has fulfillment site, which is great, and covers everything I need.

When we get stuck into reporting over the next few weeks, I’ll let you know if I come across anywhere where it does not exist and would be useful to.

Thanks for your help.


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Brilliant, thanks for confirming, James.

I’ll close this thread now, but do feel free to open new threads if there’s anything else that you come across that you need :smile: