Add a warning when putting a brew on schedule without a recipe assigned

When you add a brew onto the schedule you select the beer and the recipe in drop down menus. However I’ve noticed if you don’t select a recipe no ingredients are assigned to the brew and so aren’t counted in brew pre stock checks when ordering ingredients.

It would be useful if there was a pop up to notify you that no recipe has been selected or it stops you adding a brew to the schedule unless a recipe has been selected.

Thanks for the great suggestion, Ben, and it was a pleasure to meet you on Monday at the LBA event.

You’re in luck - this is a simple tweak, so we’ve been able to do it for you already :tada:

We’ve added a new setting to the Production settings section to require a recipe to be set on all batches. It’s off by default, but if you tick this box, it should ensure that you can’t forget to pick a recipe ever again. Cheers!

Perfect! Thank you so much.

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