Accountancy Software

Hiya All,
Is anyone willing to share which accountancy software packages they use and any feedback good or bad on it?
Also for the development team, are there any plans to integrate with the newer Sage 50 cloud not just the desktop version?

Hey Claire,

Our Sage 50 integration does cover Sage 50cloud, as Sage 50cloud is still just a desktop product that they’re “pretending” is a cloud version (in my professional opinion :joy:). I feel they are using the word “cloud” in a very misleading sense, in all honestly.

Sage 50, Sage 50c and Sage 50cloud are all the same product - Sage has just been enjoying some rebranding over the last few years and we struggle to keep up with what we should be calling it today. The main thing to check for Breww compatibility is the version number against the list below.

Breww supports (at time of writing) versions 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 of Sage 50c Accounts Standard & Professional. Breww is not compatible with any non-UK versions of Sage 50. Windows 10 or Windows 11 with the latest service packs installed is also required.

There's also some UK versions that are also not supported (click to show)
  • Construction for Sage 50
  • Sage 50 HR
  • Sage Instant Accounts (formerly Sage 50 Instant Accounts)
  • Abila Fundraising 50 (formerly Sage 50 Fundraising)

Having said all of this, we would highly recommend moving from Sage 50 to another (real cloud) platform as at times the Sage 50 integration can be problematic, due to the inherent difficulties and many moving parts involved in Breww integrating with software that runs on your own computer in your own office. Despite Sage’s “cloud” branding, Sage 50 doesn’t run in the cloud. Other platforms, such as Xero, do run in the cloud and can talk to Breww 24/7 without you needing to run our “connector” on your own computer to act as the “plumbing” between Breww in the cloud and Sage on your computer. Pitfalls, such as accidentally closing the “Breww connector” on your computer, or simply switching it off, don’t cause the sync to pause with the cloud platforms, as happens with the Sage 50 integration.

Our most popular platforms for integrations are Xero, Quickbooks Online and Sage (Business Cloud) Accounting (where they use the word “cloud” perfectly validly!). We have more breweries integrated with Xero than all the other accounting platforms combined, so if you’re looking for a recommendation from a non-brewery, we’d vote for Xero. Our Xero integration has been vetted by the Xero partner team and approved and does have a few extra features over what we have on some of our other integrations.

You can move from Sage 50 to Xero easily, by taking advantage of the free service offered by MoveMyBooks. It’s free to you as Xero has partnered with MoveMyBooks and pays their fee for you!

It would be great to get some feedback and comments from a brewery using any of our other accounting integrations too as we may have an incomplete picture when just looking from our side. And for what it’s worth, at Breww we use Xero for our own accounts and are very happy with it, but our requirements of accounting software are quite simple in comparison to those of a large brewery, I think!

Xero works great for us :+1: