Ability to use Imperial Measurements

How can we go about using ounces/gallons/bbls in the software (American Brewery)?

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Hi Maggie, I’m sorry for the slow response on this :man_facepalming: We’ve been working on this option recently and expect to launch this soon, so we’ll let you know when this is usable.

In the meantime, please ensure all volumes/weights are entered in Litres/Kilograms, as these will be converted to Imperial units for you when this option goes live.

You just made our whole day!! Thank y’all so much!!!


Hi Maggie,

Just a quick update on this. There were two major areas of Breww to update for Imperial unit support: Production (batches/vessels/containers/etc) and Stock Items (items/inventory receipts/POs/etc).

Work on the Production side is now complete and the Stock Item part of the project is underway. We’ll follow up again shortly to let you know when both parts of the project are complete and you’ll be able to switch over, but we don’t think it will take too much longer now.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the update, Luke! Will US Gallons be included? Our head brewer wanted to confirm.

Yes, US Gallons will be an option :smile:

Making dreams come true! Thanks for all you do!

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The wait is finally over :tada:

You can now switch your account to the US Imperial unit system. To do so, please go to SettingsProduction settings and change the option shown.

This will update everything in Breww to use US Imperial units. If this results in any slightly strange-looking volumes/capacities of vessels or container types (due to rounding issues), then:

  • Vessels can have their capacity updated by editing the vessel (when it is empty). Any that are currently filled, can be edited when they’re next empty.
  • Container types can have their taxable capacity edited at any time (although, this may not be of much use for you as you’re probably not using our UK beer duty calculations). The gross capacity of container types cannot be updated by you at the moment, so if you’d like us to update any of these for you, please can you open a support ticket (to grant us access to your account), and let us know the gross capacities you’d like on each container type and we’ll get this updated for you.

As you’ll likely be the first customer to try out these new options, please do let us know if you see anything that doesn’t look right, but don’t worry, we have tested this extensively. If there are any issues, it may be best to open a support ticket so we can have access to your account to review the situation/data.

Thanks for your patience on this and we really hope this helps make Breww even better for you.


The switch has been made. MAN YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Will let you know if we notice anything squirrely.

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