Ability To Filter by All Available Fields Using BrewwQL

Would it be possible to make all of the options shown under “Fields to view” on the data explorer available within BrewwQL? For example, I’d like to be able to pull “Customers & Suppliers” reports with certain Entity Types (e.g. “Inventory supplier”) removed, but currently whilst this field is available to select to view in the report, it is not an option to filter within BrewwQL.


Thanks for the suggestion, Greg! There are only a handful of fields enabled for the Data Explorer "Fields to view” which are not part of BrewwQL and typically there’s a good reason for this, so it’s not possible to just allow them all in BrewwQL, I’m afraid.

In the case of this Entity Type field, it wasn’t enabled before due to the complex way in which this is stored in the raw data. The way we store this data is great in many ways (and we want to continue to store it in this way), but we hadn’t added BrewwQL support for data stored in this way. Following your request, we have done this and so have been able to add this field to BrewwQL for you :tada:

If there are any other specific fields that you’d like added to BrewwQL, please let us know what they are and we’ll have a look, but they’ll need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis :+1:

Hi Luke,

Thanks for looking into this for me, and for explaining the situation!

I’ve just tried out the filter and strangely it only gives “Yes (True)” or “No (False)” as options for the newly added Entity Type field. Do you know whether it might be possible to fix that so that it shows the actual entity types as options to filter by?


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