Ability to delete custom recipe stage types

I can create new recipe stage types and edit them but don’t seem to be able to delete them.

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Thanks, Jeff, for pointing out that this functionality is missing; sorry about this! We’ve added the option now to delete unused recipe stage types :+1:

Hi. I’m trying to dial in a whole new setup but it won’t allow me to delete or edit existing stage types only the new ones I create.

You can only delete stage types that haven’t been used. If they’ve been used already, it’s not possible to delete them. Have the stages that you’re trying to delete been used?

yep but for an obsolete brewhouse. I only really wanted to reassign water treatment to preparation instead of brewing

Ok, we’ll see what we can do to allow these to be removed, even if they’ve been used :+1:

@richard-taylor I can confirm that all recipe stage types should be delete-able now, even if they’ve been used :smile:

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