Ability to Change the Size of Variable Elements in Label Templates

It would be really useful if the size of variable elements could be manipulated when building label templates, especially when space is at a premium, and the variable elements can take up the majority of the available space!

If you edit the html of the template you could set the font-size in the appropriate “style” attribute. I think?

Come to think of it, can you not just do this in the editor? Set the font size I mean?

Hi Jon, thanks for the suggestions - I had tried both approaches without success, and subsequently spoke to Breww who informed me that altering the size of variables is not currently possible.

You totally can. If this is what you meant. At least according to the template preview you can.


It appears Jon has outsmarted us! Changing the font size in the editor doesn’t seem to affect the variables themselves, but we didn’t think about changing the HTML. Thanks, Jon! I’ll explain it fully below for the benefit of others:

To change the size of variables, you’ll need add a style attribute to the element containing the title and variable. To do this, start by clicking the <> button.

This will take you to the HTML editor. Next, find the name of the variable you want to change the size of. In this example, taxable_volume:

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 09.40.12

You’ll want to edit this line to add a style attribute to the p tag:

<p>Taxable: {{ label.taxable_volume }}</p>
<p style="font-size: 20pt">Taxable: {{ label.taxable_volume }}</p>

This means everything between those specific <p> and </p> tags will have a font size of 20pt.

Then save everything, go back to your list of custom templates and click the test print button. If you’re not so confident with HTML, change and test the text sizes one by one, as it will be easier to find and correct a mistake.


Great stuff, thanks Jon for solving this one and Matt for your step-by-step guide!

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