Zendesk integration

Hi All

Probably like you our customers want to communicate with us in multiple different ways eg

  • Text
  • Whats App
  • Email
  • Voice
  • Google Messenger
  • Facebook Messenger
  • etc

Clearly managing these different channels can become cumbersome and time consuming so we have been doing some work to find an elegant solution that feeds all the channels into one web page and mobile app on the way in and when we respond its smart enough to send the message back out in the form it came in eg txt whats app sms email etc.

Zen Desk - Stage 1
There are lots of players in the market but most are really expensive and not very user friendly however we have been working with Zen Desk and it works perfectly. It also means that more than one person in the organisation can see all the texts whats apps etc. Stage one is that we have imported all the Trade businesses we sell beer to and their employees and are using the App and Web integration.

Stage 2
The above requires us to manually export all our Trade Customers and their employees however Zen Desk have a simple API that will auto synch all the above in real time so as you add new customers employees and information it will be updated into Zen Desk.

We wanted to post this to let you now we have an elegant solution that saves loads of time and to see if other breweries would vote for setting up an integration with Zen Desk?

Please have a read and vote!

Nick Smith
The Flower pots Brewery