Why haven't some of my invoices appeared in my accounting software?

We’d advise taking a look at your accounting configuration settings in Breww (Settings > Integrations with other software > View settings). From here you can check on the upload statuses of your invoices and whether any “sync messages” have been generated for invoices that have failed to upload. These sync messages should provide the answer as to why specific invoices haven’t uploaded which will allow you to resolve the issue either in Breww or your accounting software. Often these messages come directly from the accounting platform and sometimes can be a little cryptic! If you’re unsure how to resolve a specific message, please comment below with the message and we’ll explain what’s needs to be done.

By default, we also don’t sync invoices up to your accounting provider that were generated before the sync was enabled, but these can be force uploaded from the Upload statuses tab within the configuration menu.