Why does Breww create duplicate customers/suppliers in my accounting software with numbers after their name?

When a customer is created in Breww, Breww will attempt to create that customer in your accounting software and map to them. If there is already a customer in your accounting software with the same name, and your accountancy software enforces unique names, then Breww will have to create a unique name for them. This is done by adding a reference number to the end of the customer’s name.

If you didn’t map your existing Breww customers to your existing accountancy software customers after setting up your accountancy integration, then it is likely that duplicate customers will be created in your accountancy platform. To prevent this, simply map existing customers between Breww and your accounting software by going to IntegrationsAccountancy, click the eye icon next to your accounting software integration, then click on the Tools tab, where you’ll then see a Map and download customers button. Here you can map your existing accountancy customers to the correct customer in Breww.

The same process can be done for suppliers and applies to all of our accounting software integrations that enforce unique names.

What should I do about these duplicate customers?

If you already have duplicates created, don’t worry. It can be easily solved by merging the duplicate customers in your accountancy software and then mapping that merged customer to the correct customer in Breww.

If you use Xero, Breww is even able to automatically pick up on the fact two customers have been merged in Xero and automatically re-map them to the Breww customer for you.

If you have any questions, just comment below.