Why can't I assign my cask or keg to my delivery, it's full but not showing in the list

If you’re trying to assign a cask or keg to a delivery, but it’s being refused by the barcode scanning app or not showing in the list of options in the web interface, here’s what to look for:

  • Is the container filled?
  • Is it filled with the correct beer?
  • Is the product that it’s assigned to the same as the product on the order?
  • Is it already assigned to a different order/delivery?

If you go to Containers > View > View all containers, then search for the cask/keg number, you’ll be able to see all these details for the container in question.

In case anyone else has the same issue I did - My stock was in the wrong location and I couldn’t allocate it. Moved it via a stock take function, refreshed the delivery and available to allocate.


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