What to do if you have you received an email from Shopify about updating the API version

If you have received an email from Shopify about the Breww app and API versions, that looks like the following, this post will explain what you need to do.

The message from Shopify

Please note that the dates and version numbers in the message from Shopify will change over time, but this guide applies to all dates and version numbers.

Hello there,

We’re sending you this email because one or more apps installed on your Shopify store are making calls to APIs that will be removed soon and will soon be unsupported. These apps must be updated by a developer before [date] to continue working normally.

We encourage you to forward this email to the partner or developer who maintains your apps, and have them update your apps based on the information below. If you don’t currently have a developer maintaining your apps, you can hire a Shopify expert.

What your developer needs to know

One or more of your custom or private apps have made deprecated API calls in the last 30 days. Support for these versions will be removed on [date]. Please update the apps listed below to API version [version-number] or later to ensure they continue to function correctly.

Store: [Your shop name]

App: Breww
Breaking changes:

  • [Some bullet points]
  • [Some bullet points]

What you need to do

Most of the changes required will be handled for you by the Breww team and will be in place, before the deadline, but you will need to make one small change.

  1. You will need to log in to your Shopify account and go to SettingsApps and sales channelsDevelop apps for your storeBreww.
  2. Scroll down to Webhook API version in the Admin API section (you may need to click ConfigurationEdit).
  3. From the selection box, please choose the version that has the word Latest in brackets after it. Breww will always support the latest version. Where possible, we aim to keep support for older versions too, but the latest version is the most reliable choice. It will look a bit like the following screenshot, but the actual version number (which looks like a date) will vary.
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Just to clarify on the page location, under the “Apps and sales channels” page, you have to click “Develop Apps” to find the custom Breww app.

The webhook settings are found under the “Configuration” tab and then clicking “Edit” on “Admin API integration.”

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Thanks for sharing this, Ben :+1: Our Shopify account is specifically for developing apps, so it might be showing a little differently to us compared to how it shows to you. I’ve updated the above to hopefully make this clearer for others :grinning:

Sorry guys but I’m being thick. We don’t have a menu called apps and sales channels unless there is another settings page I don’t know about. There is one called connected apps but all that lets me do is disconnect Breww. Any help greatly appreciated

When on the home page of your admin (https://store_name.myshopify.com/admin), are you clicking the Settings button in the bottom left corner of the page? From there, there should be a button for ‘Apps and sales channels’.

Sorry Matt I am being really thick. I’m looking at the wrong program. Don’t mind me I’ll go and sit in the Dunces corner!