What happens with duty when products are returned in Breww

Breww is designed to keep track of your duty on all of your products. In Breww, once a product passes duty suspense for the first time, whether this is when you move your stock from a bonded to a non-bonded site or location or when it is dispatched, this point is recorded and stored.

Once a product becomes duty-paid, it is recorded on your beer duty return. If the product is delivered on an order and afterwards returned, it will be returned to Breww as duty-paid stock. This means that if the returned products are sent out on another order, Breww will not account for the duty a second time. If the returned products were lost or spoilt in Breww, then a reclaim will be made on your current return for the duty value paid.

If a product passed duty suspense with draught relief applied and was returned and sent out again without draught relief, then Breww will make an adjustment to reverse the draught relief rate and will make a new entry for the draught relief exclusive rate.

Having an issue with 2 kegs that were invoiced under the previous duty value. They were returned full, re-ordered and am trying to send out under a different invoice. To dispatch the order Breww is requesting “please mark the corresponding invoice items as ‘Don’t apply draught relief’.” but I can’t find this option on the previous invoice, as the keg has been returned from it and duty paid. Any ideas?

Hi Fred, thanks for reaching out! As these kegs were sold under the old duty regime, they cannot be sold with draught relief applied, as this only applies to duty paid after the 01/08/2023. To dispatch the order, you will need to go to the line items on the new invoice, select the edit pencil, and choose Do not apply draught relief. Our UK alcohol & beer duty updates for August 2023 help article should guide through how to resolve this in more detail.