View POD photos taken in the delivery mobile app

It would be great to be able to view the photoso already taken of an order so you know if you need to add furhter pics or the photo captured everyting

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Thanks Thomas, this is a great suggestion.

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In a similar vein would be great in the POD section of the delivery app on iOS to be able to upload photos from your phone’s photo reel as opposed to only being able to take the photo there and then in the app. Sometimes when you are out of 4G/wifi range you take a pic but it doesn’t work in the app for whatever reason. So then you either don’t realise and lose the POD entirely. Or you take a pic with your camera on your phone and then have to go back and upload via the main app/webpage to upload as opposed to in the delivery app POD section.


Great addition to this thread @ben-winders1 - Second that!!

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