User permissions - overview of permissions

Is there anywhere I can find an overview of user permissions and what can and can’t be done by each? Perhaps a matrix of permissions and actions?

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Thanks for the question Hazel, there isn’t a list/matrix for this at the moment but I can see how this would be useful.

Putting together this will take some time (there’s a lot of different functions in Breww that would need documenting). What we’ve done for you in the meantime is update the “Permission denied” page to tell the user which permission(s) they need to access the page.

It looks a bit like this:

I hope this helps!

Any update on this documentation? It would be really helpful.

I’m afraid we haven’t produced full documentation on permissions yet. We have discussed it; due to the number of new features we add weekly, it would potentially be quite hard to maintain this document and keep everything up-to-date. The most ideal solution would be clever documentation that maintains itself and that we wouldn’t have to manually add to whenever we release/update a feature.

If there’s a specific question regarding user permissions, we’d be happy to answer it here (or in a support ticket if it contains sensitive information).

I’d like to know the permission needed please for a user to send email PO to supplier.
I have found it works with Brewery Admin but ideally don’t want that full setting granted for the production team doing the ordering as it will clutter up their user profile with absolutely everything.


Sending a PO email now requires the ‘production’ group permission. Users should only need to be in this group to manage POs and send emails.

(In case you’re questioning whether this has changed since you asked the question, it has. This worked slightly differently before, but upon taking a closer look to provide this answer, it made more sense to change it to just ‘production’ permission).

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Any update on what permissions the different user groups have? Even a very general overview would be helpful.

I’m afraid we don’t have a list at this time, sorry. There are over 700 pages/forms within Breww and each one has its own requirements, so putting this list together and keeping it up-to-date and accurate is no mean feat.

Each name of a permission should give you a reasonable idea of what areas it covers, but if you’ve any specific questions, please let us know and we can help on these, until we have managed to complete the full list of 700+


Is there a way to create a manager-level read-only user for the owner of the business? I dont want him to be able to do anything but he should be able to see everything.

No, sorry. Most of the different permission options grant you access to “read and write” to the applicable area of Breww. There is the odd exception to this rule, but there’s no option to make all of Breww read-only, I’m afraid.

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