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I’m setting up products in our system prior to going live next week but I’m struggling with unique names. We brew and brew/package for other breweries as well as our own beer and inevitably there are certain non-unique beer names (Blonde, Pale etc). We did have eg ‘Brewery X Pale’ as the product name but found that was pulling through to the label. There are only so many combinations of spaces in Pale 8x500 I can come up with that are unique though. Is there any way to associate the beer name with the product to determine whether it’s unique? Other suggestions welcome. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion, Helen.

I’d like to find a solution for you here, but I’m not sure allowing duplicate beer and/or product names is the right solution, to be honest.

For example, if you have two products with exactly the same name, how do you know which is which. I’d expect there to be confusion and mistakes made by choosing the wrong beer/product.

If the only problem is the name that’s printed on the label, you could use the unique names for the actual products and then set a different (maybe more customer-friendly) name as the name to print on the labels? This can be done already with a recently launched new feature, please see Case stickers - alternative reduced names for printing

Does this solve your problem? If not, can you give me some more information, and we can work with you to find a solution? Thank you.

If the existing functionality doesn’t do what you’re looking for, please follow up in the next 7 days, or this request will be automatically closed. Thank you :+1:

The label name function works great so I’m happy for you to close this. Thanks.

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