Turning a customer into a customer group

I have a trading customer that has now bought other venues, so I want to make the orginal customer profile the main customer group page, how can I do this?

Hi Laura,

Great question, thanks for raising it on the community! Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to directly convert a customer into a customer group, so you will need to create a customer group with those details. I am sure our dev team could look into an option in the future for this if you don’t mind raising a feature request for it, but currently, a straight conversion wouldn’t work, as customers have unique elements like order history and activities, that would be lost in a straight conversion, plus you may also want a customer that has the same details as the customer group if you still fulfil orders for the central billing and customer group address.

I hope that makes sense, but let us know if you have any questions at all!

Ok thank you, I will put a request into the dev team