Triggering C&M records on Batch Start?

Is it, or would it be possible to implement a trigger on batch start for C&M records?

I understand we could attach usage records to the MT which I think would trigger records, but they would be against that vessel. We have a couple of usage cases where we think it would be helpful to trigger C&M records for other equipment when a batch is started e.g. a CIP record for the PHE, or if possible trigger a record for CIP of the planned FV of the batch. I know you have plans for multi-turn batches, so maybe some consideration would need to be given to that also.

Maybe another way to look at it is triggered on Usage Based if Other Equipment is used X times, so as an example we could build out the example above - PHE Vessel Cleaning record is triggered on Usage of MT every time. This would probably give a lot more flexibility?

I think I saw it elsewhere, but also triggers on transfers would be handy too.

Be curious on others thoughts/input.

Thanks for the suggestion, Steve. You’re right that this can’t be done just yet.

I think the Usage Based if Other Equipment is used X times idea is excellent, as it could allow for so many different situations.

If anyone else has any suggestions related this, please let us know below and give this a vote. Cheers.