Trade store sales notifications

Were getting to grips with our trade store nicely now but are wandering if it was possible for more than one account to get email notifications on trade store sales? There’s only a few of here and we all multi task a bit so it would be good to get a notification while we are on the brewery floor so we don’t miss any orders coming in.

On a similar topic, is it possible, or do you have plans for future integrations with the likes of gmail and google calendars?


Great to hear you’re getting on well with the trade store.

You can add your own email to “Email to BCC into order confirmation emails” in Settings > Breww Trade Store settings and then you’ll be “silently” copied into all order confirmation emails. I presume you’ve seen this and you’re wanting to add more than one email here? If so, can you confirm this is what you’re looking for and we can look at adding this for you?

We do have plans for email and calendar integrations in the future, but no dates for this are available yet.

Cheers :beers: