Trade Store Customisation Request - Categories/Tags, Landing Page, Overrides


There are a few feature requests here, all related to the trade store:

  1. The ability to either customise category names or the ability to override it specifically for the trade store, similar to the override available for beer name.
    1a. The ability to include guest beers in package-type categories. (Currently all guest beers, whether keg or small pack, just show on a page with every guest beer unorganised.)

  2. The ability to dictate what page shows loads immediately after customer logs in. (Currently it loads to the categories page, but would be very helpful to be able to direct buyers toward specials/highlighted beers/a search filtered by a certain admin-created tag (i.e “weekly email”, "


I’ve attached two screenshots: one is what one of my buyers see immediately after they log in, the other is what I need them to see/what it looks like when beers aren’t “guest beers”.

These are changes that will benefit a whole host of folks in this community, not just for us or for our use case.

Thank y’all, talk soon,

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Think this is a good idea.

To have a more dynamic UI for the Customer would be brill. Obviously a landing page which could draw attention to certain products / visuals / etc would be good before going straight into categories.


Thanks for the suggestions. There are some great ideas here :smile:

  • Customise default category names and choose to hide some of these - great idea, thanks! There was already a feature request thread for the option to “turn off” some categories, so I’ll merge that into this one so they can share the votes.
  • Choose your own starting page - This is also a great idea.
  • General on-page customisation would be good too, such as the ability to add text/images above and below the categories list (start page), and above and below the products when viewing a category itself.

Regarding this suggestion:

You can do this already. If you edit your guest beer product and in the trade store section choose a beer in the “Associated beers” field, this will ensure that these products are grouped with a beer. I must admit that this was originally intended for grouping keg badges (or similar) with beer products, but it should do the trick here.

Doing this will also mean that you can take advantage of the “beer” filters, such as the beer style (e.g. IPA) and ABV range.


Hi! I would like the ability to have a little more control over what the customer see when entering the trade store. Right know there are categories that have been automatically created - Browse by drink and browse by smallpack. Our customer do not need to see this. To add more off a welcome i would like to just go straight into the list of drink that they can order. Not only is this easier on the eye due to the pop of colour from the product photos and it is much easier to navigate and does not require an extra step.


Hey Luke, soz for the delay here, thanks for the feedback!

I’ve just had the chance to attempt the “Associated beers” edit, and I’m not seeing this field in the trade store section. My path: Dashboard>Products>Product SKU>Edit

I’m most likely missing it! Thanks again, Luke!

Ah, James, I’m sorry, this was my mistake. The feature is only available on normal stock item products (not guest beer products). We’ll look at opening this up for guest beer products too and let you know when it’s possible :+1:

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Hey mate, thanks for the update.

This is a feature that’s keeping me from utilising the trade store, as the organisation is too much of a barrier to entry and my accounts will just give up and buy from someone else.

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Good news, James. We’ve made a trade store update to allow you to group together your guest beer stock items and products under a “Guest beer” (much like normal products and grouped together with normal beers). Associating your guest beer stock items with a “Guest beer” and Container type will also allow for filtering in the trade store by things like the container type, ABV, beer style, etc.

Find out more at:

I know there are more ideas and improvements in this thread, so I’m not closing it yet, but I hope this is a helpful start :smile:

Hi @everyone, are there any updates on when we might be able to make customisations to the landing page?
In the immediate term I think a customisable text box either immediately above or below the search bar would be great.
This would allow us to provide basic info like who to contact for a TTO or indeed how to get a Keg Uplift.

Hi Dan, I’m sorry, but there’s no update to report on this yet. We’ve been busy working on other requests, but do hope to get to this before too long.