Tracking items that are not containers, or products

We frequently lend brewery equipment to customers to help them with their events. These things include cask taps, thrawls, pegs - even chillers and jackets etc.

We want to utilise brew to track these items in the same way that “containers” are tracked, so that we know where everything is.

The ideal scenario for us would be that Breww generates barcodes for these products just like it does for casks/kegs.
…but despite us trying to create an inventory of our equipment and track it as if it were returnable/nonreturnable containers, we haven’t really got anywhere…

Is it possible with breww to track such things as described above.

Thanks for the question. At the moment Breww can’t really handle this very well, to be completely honest. As you say, you can go down the line of “pretending” they are tracked containers, but it’s doesn’t really get you to where you need to be in the end.

We’ve had a separate feature request for something which I think will cover what you’re looking for here. It’s worth checking that out, voting for it (that’s a major factor in our prioritisation process) and adding any other comments and suggestions that you think would be helpful to make sure that what we build covers what you need.

The feature request can be found at:

Cheers :beers: