Timer / alarm function

Apologies if I’ve missed this and it already exists…

It would be great to have a timer/alarm function when a brew is in progress. Eg. Alerting the brewer that the mash is complete and to start the next phase, or to add the next addition of hops into the boil etc.

We’re often racking/completing other daily tasks when the mash is on and this would help keep things on track and to spec.


This would be great alongside the need for the brewsheet to also allow for changes in hop alphas and grain extract levels and ebc numbers as then we can do away with our spreadsheets for good :smile:


This sounds great, I can see how this would be really useful. We have some major production/recipe/brewsheet upgrades coming soon, so we’ll look to see if this can be incorporated.

If this would be good for you, can you use the “Vote” button in the top-left to push this feature up the list? The number of votes is a significant factor in our prioritisation process. Cheers :+1:

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