Time based usage for equipment, but only if used

Not sure if its possible and i just cant see the option but when setting our CIP procedures as time based i can only see weeks/months as an option, is there the option to select daily. If we set it to ‘every time’ and then pack 5 different formats of the same beer it requires 5 CIPs so a daily option would be ideal.


Thanks for the suggestion here Freddie.

I can definitely see the benefit of this so I will make sure to update you if we add a daily option to CIP procedures. If anyone else would like to see a daily option, please vote using the button above.

Totally agree with this. We often package several different beers in a day, so would like the option to clean the equipment daily.


Thanks Freddie and Dom :+1: I’ve moved this post to our Feature Requests section so we can track it through to completion and people can vote it up the priority list (with the button at the top left).