Time and date stamps when entering data


I noticed that when entering a data, a time and date stamp will be created with the name of the account that entered the data. When another account now overwrites this data, a completely new date and time stamp is created.

what would be useful if it would say something like
“entered: User 1 at 16/02/2023, 06:55”
“edited: User 2 at 16/02/2023, 06:59”

This would enable us to see who entered the data (and therefore carried out the task) and who potentially changed something afterwards.

If someone enters the seam check data for a canning run for example but makes an obvious typo and another operator corrects this, then only the name of the person correcting the mistake would be on the record and the person who actually did the seam check would not be shown on Breww.
Let’s assume now the worst and the seam specs are out of range and the cans start to leak but the operator did ignore this issue then the person who just corrected a typo would be on the record as having done the check.

I know it is just a little detail and would not happen that often but I think it would be quite a nice feature.

Kind regards


Thanks for the suggestion. Just to confirm, is this referring to the data entered on the “Brewing” page that’s set out on the recipe?

yes but to be honest, it would be useful for every data that is being entered regardless whether it is a gravity reading, a cleaning specification, a product movement, a stock correction etc.

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I do like this ideal, but would also like to suggest that the timestamp and date be editable as per my request in Adjust date/time for 'Complete' check boxes in Brewing
As mentioned in that link, it is rare that we are ticking the brew tasks off exactly as they happen on brew days. Some items are filled in days after occurrence on an ‘admin’ day, which then makes it near impossible to track past timings for dry hopping etc. Also the ability to bulk-tick for a brew stage that has been completed rather than having to tick off each individual line item would be rather handy. Cheers