Tasks becoming push notifications on your mobile device / Slack integration

A few of our production team are missing important tasks due to not seeing them at appropriate times. Is there any way you can set these up to become push notifications to your mobile similar to a social media notification?

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Hi Kieran,

Thanks for your message and your suggestion! We are always looking for ways to improve Breww so it’s appreciated. If anyone else thinks this feature would be useful, please vote for the feature using the button above.

I’ll be sure to update you if there is any progress on this.



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Would be good to have email notifications too, not our whole team has breww on their phone.


Yes to push notifications but only for the appropriate users, don’t want brewers or delivery drivers getting push notifications for sales calls etc. Or a pop-up on screen that you can click through to the task from.


We use Slack within our team and a push notification onto something like this would be great!

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Does anyone else use Slack? We use it internally at Breww too and it’s great for stuff like this.

Over at FP we do, Slack integration would be very handy

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This would be really useful across Breww (productino, sales, deliveries etc), but yeah ideally as an email or pop-up on computers rather than mobile phones. Or at least the option to turn them off on mobiles as well as the ability to assign to specific users only as with current task settings.

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Slack integration would help to alert the necessary team and ensure nothing is missed/delayed. A massive game changer to our operation.

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I would also be very keen for a slack integration!

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