Syncing inventory levels to accountancy software - Xero, QuickBooks, Sage etc’


anyone able to shed any light on how we can manage the depletion of inventory units in production, and sending the used item details (and therefore associated costs) over to Xero. Ideally so we can get a more complete picture on COGS in our accountancy software based on when the inventory is used, rather than just when it is purchased. currently Xero is being told when we are receiving items of stock into inventory, but has no record back to tell it those items are either now being consumed in the production of wort, or packaged into saleable units.


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I’d like to see this too. See my post Inventory receipts and suppliers now sync to your accountancy provider - #2 by erik-geupel.

Thanks Mike.

At the moment Breww doesn’t increase the quantity of stock of items when an inventory receipt is uploaded to Xero. We’d recommend linking this to an “Expense” account instead of an “Asset” account as then there is no need for depletion (for things to “balance” at least).

We’re happy to consider adding support for syncing inventory levels to Xero in the future, but it’s not going to a done in the short-medium term, I’m afraid. Keeping this sort of information in sync between two platforms is very complex and error-prone. We’d highly recommend getting COGS reporting from Breww where the data is always correct and cannot become out-of-sync.

If you can’t get the COGS data you need from Breww currently, could you give us some insight into why and we’ll happily look at making updates to the reporting available? Cheers.

I too would like to see this feature. Xero (our accounting package) should be considered the source of truth for everything related to assets/liabilities/expenses. Simply allocating ingredients to an expense is not the correct answer from an accounting perspective as those ingredients are considered an asset until consumed/transformed. By assigning all ingredients to an expense, the asset category in Xero’s balance sheet is no longer accurate of what the true assets of the brewery are.

Other brewery management platforms use a series of manual journal entries to move the cost of inventory through the process from Raw Materials to Work in Progress to Finished Goods.

This would be a a better way to process the purchase use and sale of anything in breww. instead of having to manually journal stock adjustments each time a stock count is performed.

I totally agree with the above comments.

Much welcomed and needed accounting function.

Thanks for your comments. I can see that for a number of breweries, this seems to be relevant, so I am going to open this up as a community Feature request for you.

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Hi Connor, thanks for the update on this. I am struggling to find this feature request though, any chance you can point me in the right direction?

This post itself was converted to a feature request (from just a question in the help centre), which will preserve the comments etc. You can use the vote button at the top of this page to add your vote.