Supplier Management in Breww for SALSA Audits

The supplier management section of Breww is somewhat lacking compared to other management software I have used in the past. There is no way to highlight or Star current suppliers / or “grey out” old or out of use suppliers, download a .csv of supplier data for easy sharing, show batches that suppliers are included in, group suppliers for departments or types or anything else. Syntax search isn’t a useful function for this. Please add more functionality to Suppliers in a user friendly way, I need to be able to sit down and grab information quickly without knowing how the gubbins of Breww works - this is for SALSA audit purposes as we need to pull supplier details quickly and show audit trails.

Thanks for the comments, Jonny.

Could you please elaborate further on what exactly you’d like to do in Breww?

Feature requests work best when they’re in a format more like “Please add an export with the following columns”. I understand your motivation here, but I don’t really understand what you’d like us to build to improve this for you.

Thank you :smile: