Square for trade store and payment link

Are they are any plans to provide the option of Square taking payments for Breww Trade Store orders and adding payment links to invoice emails? As an alternative to Stripe.

There are not currently any plans for this, no, sorry. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t consider it; it just means you’re the first person to mention it.

I can convert your question into a feature request, if that would be helpful? Then others can vote for it, and if this picks up a lot of support, we may be able to do it.

Payment integrations are complex, however, and as we already have an excellent integration with Stripe, we would likely give more “internal priority” to feature requests for completely missing features rather than building a feature that we “sort-of” already have (albeit with a different payment gateway).

If this is important to you, please let me know and I’ll convert this to a feature request :+1: