Splitting a packaged product

I want to split a 9g cask into 2 different package types ie a pin and a bag in box. How do I go about doing it?

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Hi Darren.

  1. Go into “containers” (from the menu on the left hand side).

  2. Select “actions and tools”. Search for the cask number you’re racking from, if you know it, or search by product if you’re racking from a miscellaneous non-returnable.

  3. Tick the boxes for “have you racked into your own containers?” and “have you racked into smallpack?” (Assuming your bag in box is a smallpack product, and not non-returnable, of course.)

  4. The program will lead you through the rest step by step.

It’s actually one of the best thought out bits of the program. I wish more of the sections walked you through the process the way this does. It makes it super easy. Anyway, hope that helps.