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As a brewery that produces Core beers, one/offs & specials and mix ferm exclusives in a multiple variety of small pack formats I would love to be able to sort Beers and products accordingly by categorising/tagging them. The overview of beers and products is currently a bit of a messy list for us as super limited and almost but not quite obsolote beers sit next to product that is always in stock.

Is this something you are thinking about?

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve had a similar request before but it wasn’t on the Community, so I’ll give yours a vote on their behalf.

Am I right in saying that you’d only need to apply tags to the beers and then the products related to those beers would “inherit” these tags. You would then like to filter beers and products by the tags on the beers. Examples of good tags would be “Core”, “One-off”, etc like you suggest, but maybe also things like “Dark”, “Gluten-free” and “Low alcohol”?

This sounds good and I can see how this could be useful in lots of different situations :+1:

Hey Luke,

Thanks for your answer.

I think customisable tags is the way to go - everyone approaches their range and brewery differently.
And then feature it as a sorting option in generating sales/brewery reports.

For instance I would also love to tags beers based on Plato as it would help our non-UK duty admin (I would generate a sales report in liter sorted by these tags and would instantly now what to declare)


I was wondering if there is progress or timeline in this feature? I find myself having to click around a bit much in order to monitor stock levels of core product for our scheduling.

Hey :wave:

Yes, this project is mostly done. We’re hopeful that it will be completed and launched later this week, but it may slip into next week. We’ll drop you an update here when it’s ready for use :+1:

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Great news, this feature is now live and ready for use. Thanks Gijs for putting this suggestion forward and everyone else who voted for it and moved it up the priority list.

I hope this helps you manage your products and report on sales better than ever before :smile: And, as always, please do let us know any feedback as it’s hugely valuable to us!

As a bonus, this feature also allows you to (optionally) enable a tag as a Trade Store category, as requested here.

that is a pleasant friday surprise!

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