Sort order on invoice

Hi, is there any easy way to sort the order of items appearing on an invoice. have a few large festivals every year and would be easier for customer to mark off if in alphabetical order, or grouped by tag etc


Yes, you should be able to click, drag and drop the rows in the positions that you’d like them from the main order screen. The order will need to be in “Draft” status to do this.

If you need any further help, please let us know. Cheers.

I have 80 lines on the invoice, is there no way to do this automatically?

Not at this time, sorry. This would make a great feature request, though.

By default, they will be shown in the order that they were added to the order, so whilst I appreciate it may be easier said than done, if you roughly added them in the right order, you may only need to adjust a handful at the end.