Sort/ Filter ingredients

Could we add the ability to sort/filter the ingredients in the batch - ingredients page by type/stage added/price. When comparing brews to ensure the correct ingredient was added at the right time its hard track currently as they auto generate in a random order.

Also is there an option to add a different stage for un-planned ingredient addition. for example if we create a recipe with dry hopping additions but decide that we want to add extra the only stages available when adding the extra ingredients are Batch creation/Transfer to FV.

Thanks very much.

Hi Freddie,

Good point! As a quick win I’ve improved the default sorting on that page to first sort by batch action, then by when it is added in the recipe, then by the ingredient’s type and finally by name. So there shouldn’t be any change in the order now between page refreshes!

We can definitely still look at sorting / filtering on that page however, if this default ordering doesn’t help enough with comparing batches? It’s a more complicated addition, but one we’d be happy to look at!


Brilliant, thats already so much easier to track. I think long term the ability to filter would help with tracking and batch analysis.

Thanks again!

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