Small tweaks to Duty Return to make copying and pasting easier

I love how easy Breww has made filing Duty Returns for us and it’s one of the most helpful features. There are a couple of tweaks which would make things even easier and I’m all for letting software do the legwork :slight_smile:

The online EX46 enforces three things which are different to how Breww presents the data for copying over, namely:

  • VAT number on the return cannot contain spaces.

  • No commas are allowed in numbers, e.g. 1234.56, not 1,234.56

  • Numbers are expected to be two decimal places even when it’s a zero, e.g. 123.90 not 123.9

If you could amend the way the data is presented accordingly, it’ll be a few less keystrokes for us all.


Yes, Yes, Yes, to all of this!!!

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Thanks for the great suggestions, Andy.

We could look to add a copy button next to each important bit of data to save you even more clicks. This would also mean that we could show the number “nicely” and copy it as needed by HMRC (i.e. show 1,234.56 but copy 1234.56). How does this sound?

That sound like a great solution, Luke. I forgot one, I think. The number that’s 99/XXXXX has the 99/ pre-filled on the form so you only need to copy the digits after the /

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this one gets me EVERY time. Get all of this to match the god awful HMRC site and its a winner!


Thanks, Martin. Please don’t forget to vote for this (button in the top-left) to show your support for it :+1:

I mean if I’m honest, and if we were going to go all out. I don’t see why BREWW couldn’t do the entry and submission for you and then you just hit an accept prompt when done.

We’d love to, but HMRC don’t give us any way to do this, so we’re unable to do this even if we wanted. We would if we could!

Great news, we’ve been able to quickly add these copy buttons now :tada: Thanks for the great suggestion and comments on this!

Can you please let us know if there’s anything else that would be useful here (or tweaks to the format that should be copied)? Annoyingly HMRC, don’t give us a test account to use, so we can’t go through the exact process that you can to check it in a real-world situation.

Hi Luke, many thanks! I’ve just completed June’s return and used the new copy button feature. Everything copied across nicely with no more editing required.

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