Showing "On Order" (with delivery date) and "Reorder" on stock item list

Whether you use a PO system or not there should be a simple way to show next to ingredient line items that and order has been placed, and show the order quantity as well. This should also be an easy filter to apply e.g. ingredients > grain > on order

Edit by Breww team: The date should also be shown as per Expected Delivery Date

Thanks for the suggestion, James. Could you clarify where you’d like to see the “On order” highlight? If it’s easier to attach a screenshot of where you’d like to see this, that could work too. Cheers.

Screenshot below…I think another coloured cell similar to the ‘reorder’ one but a different colour.


Also, I think it would be really useful for this to be a filter option that can be toggled on and off like the ‘show obsolete’ and ‘stock below reorder level only’ ones.

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