Show different messages when scanning fails

If scanning doesn’t work, Breww shows a generic message, shown attached.

It would be more useful to show the reason why that product hasn’t scanned to prevent mispicks/overpicks from occurring.

For example, if 1 keg of beer A is required for the order, and someone tries to scan a second keg, the message could read ‘You have already scanned enough kegs of this beer’.
If the keg trying to be scanned has already been auto-allocated out to a different order that has been delivered, the message could read ‘this keg has been assigned to an order that has been fulfilled. Please scan another keg’.

Thanks, Jenny. This sounds like a great improvement.

For some reason, your attachment isn’t showing. Can you confirm where in Breww this error is (is it the mobile app picking process, as per here)? Or can you attach the screenshot so we know for certain which message it is that’s too generic? We just want to make sure we improve the right error message!


hey luke, oops - see attached!

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