Setting split/multiple delivery windows for a customer

As more businesses find ways to adapt to uncertain trade patterns, we’re seeing an increase with the number of customers closing for a couple of hours in the afternoon - or alternatively having a period of the day where it’s not practical for them to receive a delivery (e.g. busy lunch service with limited staff).

It would be super useful therefore if we can set more than 1 delivery window per day to recognise the split timings we can deliver within (e.g. 10-12pm, then 3pm-6pm).


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To go one further on this, most restaurants don’t want to receive deliveries during lunch service so this would be helpful.

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I think both suggestion above would help us better navigate the complex delivery times we’re now facing with customers. In essence, delivery to customer anytime between e.g 8am-5pm except lunch service at ‘x’ o’clock or list two delivery windows for the customer.

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Thanks, everyone. Keep the votes coming and we’ll see what we can do :ok_hand: