Sending invoices to multiple email addresses


I can only seem to assign one email address as primary and need to send to up to 5 email addresses the invoice. Other than doing so manually, how do I do this automatically?

For example, I need to email the store, accounts and an additional manager wants copied into invoices. At the moment, I have to remember this per account and do it manually. Is there a way to do this, and if not, can you implement please.


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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the question. You should be able to apply a special tag named “Receive invoice emails” to the contact (from the customer page). This will cause these email addresses to be added to the list that are included by default.

Here’s a little guide on how to add this tag:

I hope this helps.



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Hi Luke,

Thanks for that, i’ll give it a go.


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Hi Luke, this is useful, but could you confirm whether the tag needs to be added to EVERY contact. If there is only one contact for the customer, presumably it will be sent to them. What about if there are multiple contacts - does it need to added to every one of those contacts that needs a copy of the invoice, there isn’t one sort of ‘default’ address? If there is more than one address, each one of those that needs a copy needs a tag?! Thanks, Kelly

Hi Kelly,
For a contact, the tag needs to be added to each one who you want to receive an invoice email. The default email address used if there are no tags is the organisation’s primary email address, so if you don’t tag any contacts, that’s the one that will get the invoice.
We have an article which goes into more detail: How can I specify which customer email addresses will receive invoice/delivery note emails.