Sellar Integration - include the Sellar invoice number on the accountancy software invoices

Currently the invoices that Breww creates in the accountancy software (Xero) only have the Breww invoice number but if paid via stripe then the stripe payment ID only has the Sellar number so we have to manually check what it was for. If it had both then it would be much easier to reconcile.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your message and your suggestion! I will have a chat with the team to see if this is something that is possible.

I’ll update you here if I have some progress to share.



Hi Joe,

Any update on this? I’m sure more and more people will be using the Sellar integration.

The “Reference” field in Xero should have the Sellar order number in it. Is this coming through to Xero for you?

Hi Luke,

Yes it is actually there in the reference field. Xero tries to automatically match and when if does this you can’t see the reference field. You can to cancel to auto match and then find it it again in case the match was wrong. Not the end of the world just annoying.

Apologies for the delay getting back to you. I think this is something you’ll need to resolve in Xero itself, possibly by using a rule to prevent them from auto-matching, or even a rule to better auto-match.

As we’re already putting this data into Xero’s reference field, I don’t think there is anything more that can be done from Breww’s side.

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