Selective Invoice Receipting for Inventory Receipts

We have a need for selective invoice receipting for two main reasons, 1. Suppliers with multiple warehouses. 2 Consignment stock

Example 1.
We put a PO in for

3 x A

3 x B

3 x C

We receive all items today.

Tomorrow we receive an invoice for

2 x A

1 x B

We receive a second incoice for

1 x A

3 x C

and a third invoice for

2 x B

All items shipped the same day from the same company and arrived the same time but had an invoice from each warehouse due to supply shortages.

Example 2.

We have consignment agreements with vendors that we distribute for.

We create a PO and they ship the entire order.

We receive all goods (updating the stock on hand and the trade store availability).

We report at the end of the month on what was sold, they send us an invoice for those items.

We need to be able to receive the invoice against only those selected items on the PO

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