Secondary numbering on cask ID

We now have casks across our 3 brands and they all have unique stamped cask numbers.
Our biggest problem is with cask ID labels which we have to print in house because of the unique numbering, but which do not last more than 2 cleans.
We want to be able to buy pre-printed polyester waterproof labels, but all the printers we have contacted only do sequential numbering.
Is there a way that Breww can have a second numbering system for each cask where the stamped number can correlate to a sequentially produced number.

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Thanks for the suggestion. It would be possible to add an extra field to the store alongside each container for the secondary code. The sequential numbers would have to be the “primary” cask number (and the number in the barcode), but we could let you store the stamped number in an additional field if you need)?

The stamped number wouldn’t really be used by Breww other than kept in the records to help to match up a cask with any lost labels. Would this cover what you’re looking for?

Hi Luke,
Yes that would work fine, as long as the stamped number box is searchable so when there is a missing label we can type in and search for the stamped number to find the sequential number.
Thanks indeed.

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