Search Anything search bar/results features

Hey all,

We use the search anything bar a lot, and have a couple of suggestions

  • A usefull feature would be to be able to (un)toggle obsolete products in the results. I find myself having to browse through erroneous and/or sold out editions/products in the result - a miss click is easily made

  • A quick select on the result screen of type (inventory item, beer, batch, product) would also be nice As a beer name will have multiple results

  • I mentioned this elsewhere, but I think a “while you type” drop down search bar would really streamline the process of search for and finding stuff faster.

Thanks for the great suggestions here Gijs!

I will make sure to update you if any of these are implemented as I can see how these would be beneficial. If anyone else would find these suggestions useful, please vote using the button above.