Scanner problems

Hi We purchased an entry level scanner, have managed to get it working, so that it will read cask labels when we rack, however we are unable to assign containers to an order using the scanner. i have set to read Aztec and 2D, is there anything else i should be doing?


Hi Paul, thanks for raising this in the community! Are you able to scan the barcode on the delivery label/ delivery manifest, or is the scanner not registering these barcodes? Most scanners would ‘beep’ when the scanner has registered the barcode. Or is the scanner registering the barcode, but the containers are not assigning to orders? If you could let me know, I will then look into this further for you. Cheers

Hi Ben

I am not scanning the delivery manifest, but can scan delivery label and scanner beeps, beeps when scan cask label, but when i put scanner back in cradle, nothing is assigned to the delivery i have scanned. I have tried just scanning single cask to a single delivery, but still no joy

Hi Paul, thanks for your reply and for confirming this. Would you be able to test if the barcode data gets transmitted onto a word-processing program, please, such as Word or Notepad? Your scanned data should be entered here if the scanner is working correctly, and should help narrow down the issue. Cheers

Hi Ben

how would i do that? just open word and scan QR and barcode?

Hi Paul, having scanned the barcodes, you should be able to open up a word processor, select the cursor so that it is on the page, and then transmit these (either via placing the scanner back in the cradle or scanning the transmit code) so that the barcode text appears on the screen. Cheers.

Hi Ben

I can confirm that invoice number and container both appear on the word document when scanned but not on Breww

hope that helps

Hi Paul, thanks for your reply and for confirming this! When assigning a container to an order, can I just check that you are heading to Deliveries, selecting the delivery day, and then Scanner assignment, with the cursor selected/ clicked in the scanner assignment box, before transmitting the data (please see screenshot below)? Cheers!

Ah no, we are just assigning from delivery labels, will give that a try, still getting to grips with it all, much to learn!

Hi Paul, no problem; if you transmit the data here and select submit, this should work for you! Cheers!

hi Ben, no good i’m afraid, screen shows error message and scanner assignment dialog has disappeared befor i get back to desk

Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. This looks like either a scanner configuration issue or a potential user error while using the scanner. This feature is working as it should and is used by many users every day, so we are confident that this isn’t an issue with Breww. Was there data entered into the box before pressing the submit button on-screen? You must ensure that you can see the data entered into this box before submitting this (it should look like you would have seen on the Word document before). The message suggests this was submitted with the box blank, so if you could ensure that this box is filled with the barcode data before submitting.

If you’re still having trouble, can you take a screenshot showing the data that’s in the box before you submit it? We can then check that this is in the correct format. Cheers.


Unfortunately the box disappears before i get back to the workstation, so no chance to press submit button. i thought it may have been a wireless range issue, so rolled casks to office door, but still no joy, I can assign containers via app on phone, but not everybody in brewery has/wants the app.

Hi Paul, thanks for your reply! Would it be okay if you scanned the data into a Word document again please, as you did before, and then copied and pasted it here? We can then check that the scanner is reading the barcodes correctly and whether the scanner is configured correctly.

hi Ben

apologies for delay was not in on Friday, here is scan data
scan.docx (11.6 KB)


Hi Paul, thanks for your reply, and no problem!
The data looks like it is being read correctly, which is good news! A scenario that we have tested that would result in the error message you are getting is when orders/ containers start to get scanned when the scanner assignment box hasn’t had the cursor clicked in it. Can you confirm that when opening the scanner assignment box, you are also clicking inside the box so you see the cursor flashing on the top left of the box? You will get this error message if you try to submit data before clicking inside the box.

If you are doing the above, it would be good to test to see what is happening ‘live’. Would it be okay if you bought a container to the exact location of your computer (alternatively, you could head to ContainersView all, and click on the container to bring up the tracked container code to save you from moving it!). You could have this up in another window and scan it or print it off if that’s easier. If you then also have an order label/ the delivery manifest on hand, and scan these, one after the other, so you can see what is happening live on the computer as you scan? Cheers!

Hi Ben
I have successfully managed to scan the item and assign to the delivery, by initially clicking in the box as you suggested, i was following the instruction on the screen which was to scan the data and then click in the box.

Hi Paul, thanks great! I’m glad that this is now working for you. Different scanners can be used, including scanners that scan all your orders and containers and then use a transmit code to input the data after scanning. We will look at adding this to a guide so that this is clearer in the future! Cheers!