Returning empty/waste/dump tracked containers (casks/kegs)

Containers at the brewery

To empty a container at the brewery (or another site), go to ContainersViewAll conatiners, find the container in the list and open its page. From here, you can use the ActionsEmpty container button in the top-right of the screen.

Containers already with a customer

When returning your in-trade casks & kegs back to one of your sites, you have a few methods to choose from depending on whether you are using Breww’s scanner app, another scanner, or just want to manually select what has been returned. These steps will return the containers as if they are empty and ready to be filled with another beer. To keep them filled for re-sale, see How to return delivered items back to stock.

Using the Breww mobile app’s built-in barcode scanner

If you are tracking your containers, we highly recommend using the Breww mobile app to return your containers from in-trade. Simply go to the app, click the Containers tab at the top, select the location to return to and then scan the returned containers. They will then be immediately returned from in-trade and ready to be re-filled.

Using a USB/Bluetooth barcode scanner

You can scan your containers and input the scanner’s data in ContainersActions & toolsReturn or move containers. If you’ve not yet configured your barcode scanners to work with Breww, you can find this guide at Label printing and barcode scanning.

Manually (without scanning barcodes)

If for some reason you need to manually return a container without a scanner, you can also do this easily. If you have multiple containers to return and want to manually select which, simply go to ContainersActions & toolsReturn or move containers and select the containers returned and choose where to return them to.

You can also manually return a single container by going to the container via ContainersView in-tradeSelect the containerActionsReturn containers.

Returning items to be re-sold instead

The above methods will always bring containers back into Breww as “empty”. If you’d like to return containers from a customer as still filled and available to be re-sold, you can instead follow the guide at How to return delivered items back to stock.