Retrieving sync logs from the Sage 50 connector to aid with resolving problems

If you’re having trouble with Breww’s Sage 50 sync, you may be asked by the Breww support team to provide us with a log file. Here’s how to get this file.

:warning: Please note: This log file may contain private/sensitive information, so please only ever send it securely to the Breww Team in a support ticket (and never publically here on the Breww Community).

To retrieve the Sage 50 connector local logs, please follow these steps:

1. Open a File Explorer window and paste %LocalAppData%\Codat in the address bar:

2. Open the folder returned (the exact name will vary):

3. Open the Sage 50 folder and send the entire content of the Logs folder to the Breww team using a support ticket:

Typically there is just one log file in this folder, so it should be easy to send to us, but if there are multiple files, you may want to zip the logs folder if there are multiple log files in there to make it easier to send to us.