Reporting on expected costs of recipes and products

The main costing reports in Breww are the following:

  • Recipe cost breakdown
  • Product expected cost report
  • Actual batch costs report on the batch
  • Margin by invoice and Margin by customer type which use the actual costs and sales price to calculate margins

Recipe cost breakdown

You can view expected costs for a batch of a beer/recipe by going to RecipesCost report, where Breww will run an expected cost report for that specific recipe. There you can also enter the expected wastage amount and tweak the expected ingredient costs to see the effect on the cost forecast.

Product expected cost breakdown

The “Product expected cost breakdown” report in ReportingProduction & inventory reports will show the expected ingredient costs based on the beer’s recipe and the packaging costs based on the product’s stock items if they have been entered in Breww.

Actual batch costs report

The “Actual batch costs” report can be accessed by going to ProductionBatch #ReportsCost report. This will show the actual ingredient costs of the batch, packaging costs and duty, as well as your utility costs if they have been entered in Breww.

Margin by invoice and Margin by customer type

The “Margin by invoice” and “Margin by customer type” reports in ReportingSales reports will use the actual costs and sales price to calculate margins.

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The margin by invoice/customer report looks great! A lot of detail into the actual cost by each of these customers/invoices.

Could we add an additional column which would calculate the expected margin by invoice and customer based on the first two subheadings in this post? This would allow for some meaningful analysis of expected versus actual Cost of Goods Sold.


Thanks @isaac-parnell for the suggestion. I’m sure this can be looked into.

If you’d like to raise a feature request for this, that would be great. Unfortunately, comments on help guides will get lost. We manage our dev team’s workload via the threads in the feature request section, so all requests have to be there for them to be done.

For more on how we manage feature requests, please see our guide on 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙. Thanks