Report - Product by Customer Type


I think it’s possible on the raw explorer I just can’t work out how to do it… I’d like a report on Total Sales by Product by Customer Type. Essentially the same as your Total Sales by Product Type by Customer Type.

Any pointers would be gratefully received.


Hi Ben,

Sure! What you’d need to do is start with the Products sold (order lines) Raw data explorer. Then you’ll want to add fields of Product name, quantity, total amount, invoice → customer → type → type (and any others you might need). Then add a BrewwQL filter for the date range, such as the below for all of October:

invoice.order_status = “Invoiced” and invoice.issue_date > “30/09/2022” and invoice.issue_date < “1/11/2022”

Then, you’ll want to export the data to Excel so you can group by customer type/product (if that’s what you need).

I hope this helps!

P.S. here’s the share code for the report:


That’s an improvement on what I managed, I was trying to get it so that all the sales are grouped together eg all sales in a specified time period for 12x330ml Patchwork Rocket Pale by customer type. Rather than them individually listed as they’ve been ordered… if that makes sense?

The raw data explorer won’t group any columns, but the aggregate report can. However, the aggregate reports can only group by one column per metric (i.e. you could group by product and sum total value, or group by customer type and sum the total value, but not both at the same time). If you want to group by both product and customer type, you’ll need to export the raw data and do this in Excel.

Is this something we could add to the ideas list? I appreciate reports aren’t the most exciting but it would be really useful data. Literally the same as the Total sales by Product Type by Customer Type just replacing the Product Type with Product.

It would certainly be possible to add another report for ‘Total sales by Product by Customer Type’, but the only issue is that there are myriad combinations of reports that different customers might want. We must be careful not to make the reporting section too difficult to navigate by adding many different reports. The best solution would be to add greater functionality for reporting building. We have looked at this in the past and we would love to implement something, but it’s a sizeable task and some options would cost us a certain fee per report ran - so there are a few things for us to think about!

Anyway, in this specific instance, a potential solution would be to add the option to group by customer type in the Total sales by product report, but if you could post a feature request for a Total sales by Product by Customer Type report, we can discuss options there and gauge an idea of how many other customers would benefit from a prebuilt report like this.