Report on number of containers, by type, returned week by week

Hi Breww team. In order for us to provide detailed management reporting re CiT, it would be really helpful to have a few tweaks to the existing functionality. Firstly, as far as I understand it, there is no existing report that includes the date the container went into trade - please let me know if I have missed this somewhere! Secondly, it would be great to be able to report on the number of containers, by type, returned week by week - this would help us track trends over time and better plan packaging schedules. Finally, it would be nice to able to mark containers as damaged - with the consequence that they could not be used in anyway until that status is reset.

Hopefully these are relatively minor changes - cheers.

Thanks for the suggestions, Simon.

If you go to ContainersViewView in trade, this should show you a list of all containers current in trade and should have a column for the delivery date. If this doesn’t cover what you’re looking for here, please let me know.

We have a report that could get you this raw data, but it’s not a summary by type and date, and instead a list with all the containers shown individually, however, you would be able to export this to Excel and then group by date and type using Excel. I’ll keep this feature request open for this great suggestion :+1: (I’ve edited the title to make this easier for others to find and vote for).

This is also a great suggestion, thank you. It has been requested before at Damaged casks and kegs - if marked as damaged, prevent usage, so if you can give that thread a vote, that would be great. Although they both relate to containers, they’re separate ideas and would be implemented separately, so we need to track them separately.

If anyone else would like a report for container returns that’s grouped by type and week, please give this thread a vote and help push it up the priority list :+1:


Hi Luke,
Thanks for getting back to me. A few thoughts:

(1) The in trade screen does indeed show the date, but I can only see one screen at a time and cannot extract that data - a simple download all would be great here.

(2) A simple solution is fine as I can always aggregate & analyse the data outside of Breww.

(3) Apologies for missing the existing topic - I have voted for that one.


Thanks, Simon. For point one, 'Delivered on' date in Containers Data explorer report should cover this, could you give that one a vote too? Cheers.