Recipe changes part way through batch?

I realised that I forgot to add yeast to the fermenting stage of the recipe. If I go back and edit the current recipe, it does not populate through to the batch.
If I save the recipe with the yeast added as a new version of the recipe, that recipe is not the one used for the current batch. Is there a way round this?

Hi Mike,

Ah yes, this is actually a top feature request that we’re looking to implement in our next iteration of production updates! Currently, what you need to do to make changes to an in-progress recipe is exactly as you have done (i.e. go and update the original recipe to create a new recipe version), but then you need to go to the batch > click edit > update the recipe version to the latest version (i.e. from v1 -> v2). This will however mean you have to re-enter any batch readings you’ve taken, as Breww will save the new readings against the new version. Don’t worry if you switch and see all of your readings disappear - they are still saved behind the scenes, but they are associated to the old recipe version.

What we’re looking to implement to improve this, is to allow live changes to the in-progress batch recipe whilst on the brew sheet, then provide the option to either save against the batch as a one-off, or save it as the newest version of the recipe. We also have some UI changes planned to make inputting data even easier, and the ability to enter hop alphas, malt extracts etc. - so watch this space!


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