Re-packaged products

We are new to Breww and in the processing of getting everything set up. The majority of our beer is packaged by a contract canning company in 24 packs. However we currently sell on shopify and this can be 12 or 4 packs and mixed. We pack these to order therefore there is never an initial stock of these to deplete. Does Breww allow for 24 packs to be re-assembled ad hoc into other quantities. Is there an easy way to integrate shopify using our current set up

Thanks in advance

Hi Rodger,

Thanks for getting in touch.
Yes, Breww can assemble and disassemble products automatically to suit the conditions you mentioned.
If you go to Settings > Delivery settings > Auto assign products (tab), you’ll see the settings to allow this.

If you want the quantity in stock in Shopify to reflect the theoretical maximum stock number, you’ll need to change this in your Shopify settings in Breww. In Breww, go to Settings > Integrations with other software > Shopify > Actions > Configuration, then select ‘Quantity that could be produced from product components (theoretically could allow for over-selling)’ under the ‘Available stock calculation method’, setting. For example, this will tell Shopify that you have two 12-packs, four 6-packs and one 24-pack in stock, even if you only have one 24-pack in stock in Breww. The stock of other packs will then be updated when one pack is sold.
I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything further.